Building a tool for next gen marketers

Voyage is a web app that helps marketing teams reach their customer in a new way, with a much more direct medium: SMS.

Voyage wanted us to upgrade their existing web app visually and make it intuitive for marketers to create, manage and analyse campaigns.

A person holding a phone
A tablet showing the dashboard

The Challenge

Digital marketing heavily relies on data sets provided by the softwares they use. This made it critical for us to get the information on each screen right, and hence, was the biggest challenge.

We analysed and reiterated on what was actually useful and simplified the information – be it while creating a drip campaign or viewing how many people signed up to your SMS list – without compromising the data quality.

We built more than 12 flows, which also included a friendly onboarding when you signed up!

Building a library of reusable components

Making datapoints easier to scan

We made visuals to highlight the most important data sets like conversion rate, revenue and purchases. To add to it, since marketing teams are really comfortable with simple data sheets, we also added those at the end of each overview panel.

Built for intuitive campaign creation

We made it easier for users to build campaigns by dividing it into multiple steps, reducing verbose text and providing brief descriptions for technical terms.

And cut!

This extensive dashboard design was aided by insightful discussions with Shreya Gulati (Creative Director) and prompt feedback from the very informative Voyage team.