A big white smile icon over a backdrop of dusky sand at night

You get an icon kit, you get an icon kit. Everyone gets an icon kit.

Icon fonts are awesome. You type chevron-right, and voila, chevron-right. It’s such a different experience from clunky resizing and looking for icons.

There were less of these awesome kits around, so I decided to build my own: SMPLKit. A place where you go to find icon fonts.

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Icons over a 2px grid

Each icon is designed with a 2px stroke to maintain sharp renders across different sizes.

200 icons being showcased that are part of the SMPLKit's library
Showcasing icons across different 13 different categories

300+ Icons across 15 categories

meet SMPLKit.

A screenshot of the SMPLKit website

I designed and developed a web app to make finding icons easier, and decreasing the initial learning curve.

A screenshot of the website on a mobile

You can filter and search icons across 13 categories.

A screenshot of the SMPLKit app that you can use to filter and find icons (on desktop)

Wrapping up the 60 day project

The project was an amalgmation of approximately 82 chai cups and 32 late nights.

Thanks for checking out the projeect. You can check out the live website below.

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