An iPad with the website mockup

Making finding loans best loan offers to you

Finding and comparing loans is a cumbersome process, with multiple banks which rely on broken UX and clunky forms.

Likvidum thought different. They wanted it easier then ever to get more information about loans from multiple vendors. We redesigned their complete online web experience to help with that.

Two people shaking hands. Purely decorative image, btw.
A hand holding a phone over a blue background
Three people working in an office

Making the least interest, more interesting

A screenshot of the website. In the background, there's a guy sitting sharply dressed in a suit and a tie, over a solid colored background, giving away a super professional feeling. The website reads 'Compare Loans upto 500SEK'. It has a calculator in front to calculate how much users can save with this new service

To highlight savings, we added a calculator right on the home page. It makes it easier to imagine how much you can save on your existing loan.

A phone mockup of the website displaying the same information as the image above. Except the backdrop is missing this time.
The about page of the website. It reads 'Our Story: Make getting loans easier.' It also shows photo of two people in professional attire shaking hands.
The page of the website for car loans. It shows a grey car on a grey background. It reads 'Getting a car loan at the cheapest rates'

Turns out there are a wide spectrum of stuff you can get a financial help on. To help Likvidum reach the market and have a SEO impact, we created landing page for each.

Keeping it light across pages, like the interest rates.

All the webpages are layed out diagonally over a light background.

We redesigned the experience across their help center, landing pages and blog.