An iPad with the website mockup

Likvidum is a loan comparison and referring service based in Sweden. They approached me to build a simpler, less clunky and honest experience to finding loans.

The Brief

Likvidum had an exceptional customer service team and a great offering helping users to find the best loan offers.

Their website, however didn’t do justice to it. I was approached to give Likvidum’s online presence a new visual direction and redesign the webiste.


Increase Leads

Website being the first point of contact, the redesign had to increase conversions by offering their services eloquently with distinct Call to Actions.

Build trust

Providing financial information is a big leap of trust that their customers took. We wanted Likvidum’s website to be that trust worthy website.

Updating the visual language

Their current visual language was broken and outdated. We had to create a new extensible visual language for their brand.


We structured the sitemap to promote loan comparisons. One, we added loan calculator near the header on most pages; two, we made different pages based on loan types.

Giving loan comparisons the center stage

Wrapping it up

After design, I worked with the dev team to integrate Likvidum with Wordpress. All the pages were made editable, and I made sure the website looks fabulous in all the devices.