Dopamine Biscuit

A phone showcasing the app over the backdrop of snowy mountains. The app reads, "What would you like to improve in?". It showcases 5 options to choose: Meditation, reading, sleep early, Quit Smoking and running. It also has an option for creating a custom habit

A Designer and a Developer walk into a co-working space

The designer looks to his comrade and quips, “I have an app idea!”. And voilà, Dopamine Biscuit is born. Okay, not really, but it’s pretty close.

In collaboration with Yash, I decided on creating an app that makes it easier for peeps around the world to start habits and help them stay on track with timely rewards.

Dopamine Biscuit logo
Decorative: A guy running up stairs. Probably doing some form of workout
Decorative: A guy running up a mountain
Decorative: A guy swimming. He has the professional swimming gear on

Helping users reach Day 21

How can we make habits easier to start? And more importantly, how can we make users continue their habits? These were among the few questions we started our UX study with.

A wireframe of the app. It displays the same screen ('What would you like to improve in..' yada yada, but in the wireframe stage
A screenshot of the app's home screen on a phone. It shows an circular avatar, while beneath it is written, 'Good morning, Duke. 2 habits to do for today. Beneath it, it lists down 2 habits, Running and Deep Breathing. Each habit has an bar indicator going from left to right, indicating the progress made. Above the bar indicator, a bold font reads out in all caps, '7 DAY STREAK. 14 DAYS TO GO'

The first screen you see after opening the app is a contrasting look at the progress previously made. This acts both as a motivator and reduces number of clicks.

A snap shot of all elements used in design. It lists a calendar picker, a 'badge won' state, an Upcoming badge block and so on.

On each successive of 7 days, the user would be rewarded a badge.

Simple Steps to a better you

We trickled it down into four key steps, consisting of an intuitive layout to manage your habits, and timely reward so you reach your 21 day goals.

A snapshot of 4 screens. First screen is the previously mentioned starting screen (remember 'What would you like to improve in' stuff?). Second screen shows a single habit overview: It includes a circular chart showing progress and a calendar showing the days done as marked. Third screen shows a state of a badge one. While the fourth one shows the home screen which lists 2 habits created by the user.
A snapshot of all the app screens layed out diagonally

Beyond the App

I was involved well beyond the initial branding and app design. I learnt managing email lists, and promoting the product among our user base.

A snapshot of the footer of the website. It reads 'Get on the wait list, we're coming sooner than you expect', followed by a email form for signing up to the waitlist.
It shows a huge instagram logo with 8 posts of Dopamine Biscuit's social media. Each post has a motivational quote to go along with it.